Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Holder's Missing Written Record of Recusal

This is embarrassing. The Justice Department cannot find Attorney General's Eric Holder written record of recusal from the Associated Press investigation. During the House Judiciary Committee hearing, Rep. Tom Marino asked Holder where the recusal document was. Holder gave this answer.

“That’s something we were looking for, and nothing has been found,” Holder said, before acknowledging: “That actually might be a better policy to have.”

Kevin Gosztola catches that Holder told the committee that he saw the draft form of the response letter to the AP. Why would an Attorney General that recused himself be looking at this letter? I'm wondering if Holder actually recused himself?

Holder is asked questions by Goodlatte on AP records seizure by DoJ. He basically repeats what he said yesterday. Completely useless and waste of time to ask him questions. He passed off responsibility to deputy attorney general by recusing himself making it harder for Congress to conduct any oversight because he supposedly has no idea what has gone on in this process. But, he’s been briefed in some respect and he saw the draft form of a response letter to the AP. He knows more than he wants to talk about because he wants to dodge scrutiny.

I am not trying to raise the spector of a conspiracy theory. However, it is obvious that Holder has condradicted his own statements. At the very least, Holder is being evasive.

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