Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Do Nothing Republican Congress

Jonathan Bernstein details the lack of interest in policy by Republicans in the House of Representatives. Bernstein use Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) as an example. Kelly was suppose to craft legislation that would eliminate $380 million in loan guarantees from clean energy companies. Kelly never got around to writing the legislation. Kelly's congressional office explains that the Congressman was too busy being outraged at President Obama.

"It was a priority, and remains an issue of interest. But Mike's efforts shifted when he chose to focus more on holding the administration accountable with regards to [Operation] Fast and Furious. And then when the Benghazi tragedy occurred, that took the cake," said Kelly's spokesman, Tom Qualtere.

Kelly didn't actually do anything of substance regarding Fast and Furious or Benghazi. That doesn't explain why Kelly couldn't multitask. The federal government is suppose to do more than one thing at a time. Kelly's handling of Fast and Furious also doesn't pass the laugh test. Kelly serves on no committee that handles foreign policy.

Republicans make excuses on why they can't write legislation. Last year Sen. Marco Rubio promised to draft an immigration reform bill. Rubio never produced a bill but did find the time to go on a book tour. The 112th Congress was the least productive since the 1940s.

Republicans want to start winning elections again. My question is why? The current Republican Party hasn't shown an interest in governing.



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