Thursday, March 07, 2013

Michelle Rehwinkel Press Release on Parent Trigger Bill

Florida Rep. Michelle Rehwinkel press release on the Republican parent trigger bill.

“I believe the Florida Legislature should focus on improving public schools, and not giving away parents’ power to for-profit corporations. There are better ways than the so-called parent trigger legislation to improve low-performing schools.

“Florida already has mechanisms in place by which parents and teachers can implement turnaround strategies, including converting a traditional public school to a charter school. The parent trigger bill circumvents that process.

“To address the needs of low-performing public schools and economically disadvantaged students, I call attention to House Bill 1401 by my Democratic colleague, Representative Ricardo Rangel of Kissimmee, that establishes a pilot program for the lowest-performing public schools in this state.

“Representative Rangel’s House Bill 1401 creates a public-private program that would supply wrap-around services to students attending the schools, including but not limited to, tutorial and after-school programs, student counseling, nutrition education, health and dental services, parental counseling, and adult education.”

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