Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Dolphins Unlikely to Get Tax Subsidy

Dario Moreno, a political science professor conducted a poll of likely Miami-Dade County voters. The question Moreno asked is if voters would support a tax subsidy for stadium improvements for the Miami Dolphins. 73 percent of likely voters said they would not support a subsidy.
"This is toxic to the Legislature, the county commission and the executive," said Dario Moreno, a political science professor who conducted the 1,000 voter survey for a private client.
"There's not one group of likely voter who supports this idea," Moreno said. "Even in County Commission District 1, where the stadium is, people are overwhelmingly opposed."
The Florida legislature is amending a bill for a bed tax. The tax would then have to be approved by a voter referendum. However, the tax may never see the light of day. The Miami-Dade delegation is against tax dollars for stadium improvements. According to Forbes, Stephen M. Ross is the 117th richest man in the world. Ross has the financial resources to lobby the Florida legislature. Which makes me wonder why he doesn't use his own money for improvements like Tampa Bay Lightning owner Jeff Vinik?

Update: The Buzz, a Senate approved $400 million for remodeling of the Miami Dolphins' stadium.

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