Thursday, March 07, 2013

Illegal Camping?

A homeless woman, Annette Stafford, was arrested in Bradenton for illegal camping.

Stafford, who told the officer she had no address, said that she refuses to go to a homeless shelter, according to the report

Stafford has been given several verbal warnings about camping outside, the report states.

Stafford was staying behind the JODAT Law Firm. I can see an arrest for trespassing. Illegal camping is a change used on recreational campers. What might have happened is that Stafford was staying on property not owned by the JODAT Law Firm. The owner or a representative of the property has to lodge a trespassing complaint. If that didn't happen then the law enforcement officer got very creative. People that camp usually have a tent. The Bradenton Herald only mentions Stafford and another person having blankets. That is not camping. That is surviving.

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