Thursday, February 07, 2013

Charlie Crist Uses the Wine Excuse

This is too funny. Attorney John Morgan is claiming that Charlie Crist remembers nothing about about the compenstation received by former Republican Party of Florida chair Jim Greer and Delmar Johnson. The reason being is Crist couldn't defend himself from all the wine Jim Greer was pouring down his throat.

"Well it sounds like if your client (Greer) was buying all the wine, he was drunk and doesn't remember what happened," suggested Crist's attorney, John Morgan. Morgan is the founder of Morgan & Morgan, the firm where Crist now works.

The testimony happened June 26, 2012. Crist contends that he did not know that Greer and Johnson had used Victory Strategies. Alleged, Greer and Johnson set up Victory Strategies, billed the RPOF for no services and then paid themselves. Johnson ended up testifying against Greer.

Greer was politically toxic by the time Crist had his wine-filled meeting with Greer. The Florida Republican establishment wanted Greer gone and were willing to pay. Lobbyist Brian Ballard has stated that Crist was aware of the compensation deal for Greer and Johnson. Crist testified, "I don't believe that is truthful." Of course Crist cannot be sure. Greer was making consume gallons of wine.

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