Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rick Scott's Transparency Problem

Tampa Bay Times political reporter Adam Smith perfectly summed up what is wrong with Rick Scott's media strategy. Case in point is the stonewalling of what happened to Scott's former rescue dog Reagan.

It's public relations 101: Dissembling, stonewalling and barking at reporters is no way to kill a story. Instead of simply explaining what happened to the adopted dog Scott touted to the public, his team helped turn what should have been a couple paragraphs at best into a front-page story that spread across the country.

This has been the Scott media strategy for everything. Team Scott withheld information about the TB outbreak in Florida. This ended up having serious health consequences for the public. Team Scott used private email accounts to avoid being held to the Sunshine laws for government transparency. If Scott can't be honest about the location of a pet than what can he be transparent about?

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