Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rick Scott Dodges Soledad O'Brien Question on Gun Control

CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien takes Gov. Rick Scott to task on ducking questions on gun control. Scott keeps repeating "respect the families" as a way to avoid answering questions on what measures he would support on gun control. Scott says we should respect the families and then listen to what people have to say. O'Brien is asking Scott what he has to say about gun control. Scott doesn't want to have this converstation.

O’BRIEN: Well, you know, I understand that people often say that in the wake of a tragedy, let’s wait, and I actually think I’ve covered enough of them that, you know, we’ll wait until we bump up against the next tragedy and there will be one no, doubt about it. I guess I would like to hear from elected officials what are you willing to change? [...]

SCOTT: Right now, what we ought to be doing, let’s talk about all of the issues and think about what we can do to improve it. But here is what I think. one, I have been to the law enforcement funeral desk in our state. And the heart goes out to those families. [...]

O’BRIEN: Okay. I think with all due respect, are you not going to answer my question, because I guess —I just want you to tell me what you would be comfortable to support, and I get it, it will be part of a conversation, but I think there have been a number of things on the table and I don’t feel like you’re telling me, you know, should people not be able to buy high-capacity magazines? What are you willing to say would be a good start, that would you bring to the table in control? Any conversation about guns?

SCOTT: Well, you know, my focus is, one, respect the families, mourn their losses,make sure our schools are safe, and then start the conversation and listen to the Floridians. What I do every day is travel the state, almost, pretty much every day, and listen to Floridians and get their ideas and then come back, based on those ideas of what we can improve.

O’BRIEN: Well, I hope it all goes —all those conversations turn into meaningful conversations before I get to go out and cover another tragedy of which we’ve now done a bunch of them.

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