Monday, November 05, 2012

Mitt Romney (Sort of) Basks in Rick Scott's Charisma

I mentioned earlier my delight at the possibility of Gov. Rick Scott campaigning with Mitt Romney today. Scott shared the same stage as Romney. However, the two never appeared together. That is a shame. That would have been the photo op for the ages.

"Over 4.4 million Floridians have already voted," Scott said. "Why have they voted? They know we have to have a change." He mixed messages, bemoaning loss of jobs but touting dropping unemployment in Florida.

Despite his gusto, Scott never appeared on stage with the candidate. Scott introduced Romney but then a long biographical video played before the candidate took the state. Still, despite Scott's popularity problem in the polls, Romney thanked included him in the shout-outs before launching into his own stump speech.

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