Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Bill Nelson Wins

Sen. Bill Nelson wins a third term. Early reports are that Nelson beat Connie Mack by 800,000 votes. That is what you call an ass kicking. Blogger Peter Schorsch had a harsh assessment of Connie Mack.

Congratulations to Bill Nelson, GFY to Connie Mack, the worst Fla. Senate candidate in years.

First Katherine Harris. Now Connie Mack. Does the Florida Republican establishment go out of their way to find the worst possible candidate to run against Nelson? Can we expect Alan Keyes to run against Nelson in 6 years?

Update: Senator Patty Murray, Chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, released this statement.

The people of Florida should be very proud to have re-elected a fierce advocate for their state in Senator Bill Nelson. Senator Nelson has always put Florida first, and fought tirelessly for Florida’s economy and for the seniors and middle class families of his state. Even though deep-pocketed Republican special interests spent many millions trying to deceive voters, Senator Nelson’s optimism and relentless drive won the day. I look forward to continue working with him in the United State Senate.

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