Thursday, October 25, 2012

More On the Obama Ground Game

I outlined to Peter Schorsch how President Barack Obama has a superior ground game to Mitt Romney. The graph above provided in Molly Ball's article tells how far Mitt Romney is lagging in campaign field offices.

David Gergen reported the Ohio "Romney field team looked like a high school civics class." Ball reports of similar disorganization with the Virginia Romney offices.

Only about a mile down the road was the Republican office, a cavernous, unfinished space on the back side of a strip mall next to a Sleepy's mattress outlet. On one side of the room, under a Gadsden flag ("Don't tread on me") and a poster of Sarah Palin on a horse, two long tables of land-line telephones were arrayed. Most of the signs, literature, and buttons on display were for the local Republican congressman, Frank Wolf. A volunteer in a Wolf for Congress T-shirt was directing traffic, sort of -- no one really seemed to be in charge and there were no paid staff present, though there were several elderly volunteers wandering in and out. The man in the T-shirt allowed me to survey the room but not walk around, and was unable to refer me to anyone from the Romney campaign or coordinated party effort.

These basic characteristics were repeated in all the offices I visited: The Obama offices were devoted almost entirely to the president's reelection; the Republican offices were devoted almost entirely to local candidates, with little presence for Romney. In Greenwood Village, Colorado, I walked in past a handwritten sign reading "WE ARE OUT OF ROMNEY YARD SIGNS," then had a nice chat with a staffer for Rep. Mike Coffman. In Canton, Ohio, the small GOP storefront was dominated by "Win With Jim!" signs for Rep. Jim Renacci. Obama's nearest offices in both places were all Obama. In Canton, a clutch of yard signs for Sen. Sherrod Brown leaned against a wall, but table after table was filled with Obama lit -- Veterans for Obama, Women for Obama, Latinos for Obama, and so on. The Obama campaign uses cell phones exclusively, while the Republicans use Internet-based land line phones programmed to make voter calls. Every Obama office has an "I Support the President Because..." wall, covered with earnest paeans to Obamacare and the like.

The signs are that Obama is crushing Romney in early voting and made strides in absentee balloting. I said it before and I say it again. This election was over a long time ago. Obama is going to get a second term.



At October 25, 2012 10:29 PM , Anonymous Peter Schorsch said...

I did have a Sullivan-esque meltdown, didn't I?

At October 26, 2012 3:35 PM , Blogger Michael Hussey said...

It's okay Peter. It happens.


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