Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Does Marco Rubio Still Heart Richard Mourdock?

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Richard Mourdock decide to stupidly follow the same path as Todd Akin. Mourdock said this incredibly offense remark about rape during a debate.

“I struggled with myself for a long time, but I came to realize that life is that gift from God. And, I think, even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that is something God intended to happen.”

God intended for rape? What is wrong with these people.

Someone who thinks that Mourdock is more fit to govern that President Obama is Marco Rubio. Sen. Rubio made a campaign ad with Mourdock. Rubio told Mourdock in the ad, "I'm proud to be with you."

In the ad, Rubio and Mourdock say that the federal government should fiscally govern like Mitch Daniels. As Office of Management and Budget, Daniels took the Clinton surplus and created the Bush deficit. Mourdock and Rubio have a strange idea of fiscally sound governing.

Update: Sen. John McCain tells Anderson Cooper he may toss Mourdock under the bus.

ANDERSON COOPER: Do you still count yourself in [Mourdock's] corner?

JOHN MCCAIN: It depends on what he does. I think it depends on what he does. If he apologizes and says he misspoke and he was wrong and he asks the people to forgive him, then obviously I’d be the first. You know, as I said, I’m not sure how big a – mistakes that I have made, but in the years I’ve been around – I’ve made a few, Anderson, and I’ve asked for people’s understanding and forgiveness when I own up to it. It’s when you own – when you don’t own up to it that people will not believe in you.

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