Monday, April 02, 2012

Fake Charlie Sheen Endorsement for Connie Mack

The George LeMieux campaign sent out a fake Charlie Sheen endorsement for Connie Mack on April Fool's Day.

“Today, I am proud to announce the endorsement of my good friend Connie Mack the Fourth. As the Senate race unfolds and more is revealed about Mack’s colorful past, the more I like and identify with him.

The similarities between us are endless. We both have famous and respected fathers, both went into the family business, and we love living in California and having a good time (especially on the red carpet). We’re also both known for our public displays of rage and frequent ‘lapses in judgment.’

Since I’ve decided not to run for political office myself, electing Connie is the next best thing. The US Senate can be such a boring and serious place; it needs people like Connie Mack…And maybe a few Hooter’s girls.


Charlie Sheen

Being a walking punch line is a death sentence for politicians. The future political prospects for Daily Show fodder Alberto Gonzales and Anthony Weiner are bleak. Lemieux has baggage from his ties with Charlie Crist and Jim Greer. Marginalizing Mack is LeMieux's best shot at victory. Attacking Mack with humor is a way for Lemieux to avoid being accused of being mean-spirited.

Update: Peter Schorsch doesn't find the April Fool's prank funny. Schorsch's reasoning is that the media hasn't picked up on the Charlie Sheen meme. The Florida media has ignored the Republican Senate primary. That was is because the candidates have been uninspiring. I also sense that Schorsch is taking a dig at LeMieux for his Judas act on Charlie Crist. The former governor is very close to Schorsch and his wife Michelle Todd.

I'm not taking a dig at Schorsch. I hear privately that Crist is a generally nice guy. However, don't expect Schorsch to say nice things on his blog about LeMieux. Personally, I am more than happy to see LeMieux and Mack have a nasty primary. To easier it is for Bill Nelson to get re-elected the better.

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