Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jason Mattera: Worst Journalist Ever

Andrew Breitbart lackey Jason Mattera grills a Bono impersonator. Mattera complains about the liberal media. If Mattera was an actual journalist and not a partisan hack, he would have realized he did an ambush interview on someone who actually isn't Bono. editor Joel Pollack refused to admit to NY Magazine that they interviewed a fake Bono.

"We went through a vetting process on this and appropiate questions were raised and appropiate answers were given," editor Joel Pollack assured us by phone. "But the videographer then asked us to take it down, so we did." But Pollack said he would neither "confirm or deny" that mistaken identity was the reason for the scrubbing.

I would love to sit in on a editorial meeting to find out what the vetting process is. It surely doesn't involve posting corrections on the web site. I look forward to future posts at about how the liberal media doesn't fact-check.

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