Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Office of Democratic Texas Legislator Attacked

The office of Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis (D) was attacked by an arsonist. What makes matters worse is people were in the office at the time of the attack.

The Fort Worth Fire Department is investigating an arson attack at State Sen. Wendy Davis’ legislative office.

Fire officials said someone threw two Molotov cocktails into the third-floor office on West 7th Street.

Witnesses said the unknown person fled the scene and was chased by a maintenance worker after igniting the fire.

Another report indicates that several Molotov cocktails were used. The flames and smoke was intense enough to set off the smoke detector. A female staffer said she opened a door to find flames up to her waist.

Yet another news report indicate that the arsonist was in Davis's office. The arsonist threw the Molotov cocktails into a room. One person had to jump over the flames to escape. This appears to be attempted murder. Video below.

Fortunately, no one was injured.

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