Friday, November 18, 2011

Police Brutality At Occupy Oakland

Occupy Oakland protester Kayvan Sabehgi is an Iraq war veteran. The video shows Sabehgi being severely beaten by several police officers. Sabehgi suffered severe injuries, including a lacerated spleen. Police did not get Sabehgi to a hospital until 18 hours after his arrest. This is police brutality. Pure and simple.

I wish President Barack Obama would hold a press conference and show the media footage of these horrible beatings. My dream would be for Obama to ask the media why they were not reporting these episodes of police violence. I would want Obama to then say that we cannot have Americans being beaten to protect the bonuses of Wall Street CEOs. It is time for serious reform of the financial market. Unfortunately, this is a President that thinks Lawrence Summers is a genius. True reform will have to come from the people. This is what the Occupy Wall Street movement is all about.

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