Thursday, October 06, 2011

Occupy Tampa Update

The good news is Crooks and Liars sent out a tweet a few minutes ago that pizza is on the way to the Occupy Tampa protesters.

The bad news is that protester might be arrested by police if they spend the night in Lykes Gaslight Square Park. The ACLU and Occupy Tampa legal team has advised the protesters to go home to avoid arrests. Occupy Tampa plans to have a general assembly meeting to decide if they will stay the night or leave. The ordinance forbidding people from staying in the park overnight was put in place to keep homeless people from sleeping in the park.

The attendance has been between 400 to 500 people. This is not surprising. However, after the huge turnout for the Occupy Wall Street protests, there will be some cynicism about the protests.

My misgiving is people going to the protest dressing up in costumes. This isn't Halloween. Act and dress like a normal human being. If you want to play dress up then go to Comic Con.

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