Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Nashville Feminist Activist

A rather well-known Nashville resident marched in the local SlutWalk. She had this to say about women who had been sexually violated or taunted.

"The person that is victimized should not feel guilty. There should not be a stigma attached to them, and they should be okay raising their head and saying, ‘That was not right. I want to do something about it," said Candice Raines.

I have written about Candice Raines several times before. It is the real name of Ginger Lee. Remember when people were saying that Raines was seeking fame her her online involvement with Anthony Weiner. There is no mention of Raines' stage name in the article. Raines gave her real name. Most likely not to have the media have another Ginger Lee story.

People didn't believe Raines was serious when she said progressive and feminist issues were important to her. Yet she marches in SlutWalk. I wrote that the media was unfair in its coverage of Raines. There is zero chance that the media will revise their coverage. And it is a damn shame.

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