Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to tell when events are planned by the Boston PD #occupyboston

Boston PD scanner just put out a call to anyone “wanting to work a truck for 4 hours” to call station ASAP. @Occupy_Boston #occupyboston

Me, on Twitter around 11pm 10/10/11.

Then at approximately 1:20 am a large column of riot police marched from outside South Station up Atlantic Ave. The crowd roared variations of “Who do you protect who do you serve!” and “This is what democracy looks like” as the cops marched up the street. They stopped directly across from the new encampment and waited for over 15 paddywagons to arrive. Shortly thereafter officers appeared at the top of the new camp and started issuing warnings to those in the camp. At 1:40 am the police barreled through the first line of defense the occupiers put up, an old veterans group carrying flags known as Veterans for Peace. While officers began arresting occupiers and tearing down tents they kept pushing others back, sometimes throwing them to the ground. People were screaming and yelling stupid nonsense at the police but most complied, albeit angrily.

Boston Globe, 10/11/11

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