Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Next Occupy Tampa Rally

The next rally for Occupy Tampa will be on October 15th. There is no yet for the start of the rally. You can go to OccupyTampa.org for the latest news. The organizers are asking people to bring these supplies to the rally. Some protesters have slept on the sidewalks at night. If you are planning to spend the night downtown you will need a sleeping bag. Other items you will need are listed below.


Samovar (Before you ask, it holds coffee- also heats it if you have a good metal one with the chimney. Kind of cool really. I googled it. You should too.)

Posterboard for welcome sign

fliers about the General Assembly process (available from http://nycga.cc )


Sanitizer (chlorine tablets for water/chlorox wipes for sanitizing cooking surfaces)

Frozen water bottles (stays cool)


Generator (diesel/biodiesel?)


Orange safety vests

Arts and Culture


Cardboard/Sign material


Sleeping bags

Dry socks, Warm clothes (sweatshirts, windbreakers)

Baby wipes!!!

Toothpaste/toothbrushes/bottled water

Mosquito repellant


Feminine products

Sheets (cover)

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