Monday, October 31, 2011

Cain's Bizarre Singing at National Press Club

Via Pam Spaulding: I have avoided the Herman Cain sex scandal. After covering the Mark Foley scandal, I have mostly stayed away from sex related political stories. That doesn't mean I am not going to blog about Cain's bizarre appearance at the National Press Club.

Cain was asked by the reporters present if he knew about the financial settlements the Restaurant Association reached with women that accused Cain of sexual harassment. Cain said he didn't. Cain then decided to end the Q & A session by singing the hymn He Looked Beyond My Faults. What we are seeing is that Cain's bizarre campaign ads and disorganized campaign are part of a pattern. Herman Cain is a seriously weird guy. Running a normal campaign and acting like a rationale human being is impossible. Cain is neither normal or rationale.

Cain's support from the tea party says more about the tea party than it does about Cain. In past presidential elections Cain would not poll high enough to appear in a debate. The Republican tea party base is now made of people who boo gay soldiers and cheer people being denied health care. The tea party is made of dysfunctional people. It is no wonder they would flock to the weirdest candidate in the field and shun a mainstream politician like Jon Huntsman.

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