Sunday, October 30, 2011

Comedy Hits Keep Coming From Tea Party Nation

Tim Nerenz of Tea Party Nation writes a long diatribe praising the top one percent and dissing the Occupy Wall Street protesters. (Remember when the tea party said the were protesting because they were against the bailout.) A member of Tea Party Nation supporting economic disparity is not surprising. What is surprising is this hysterical paragraph.

Packer linebacker Clay Matthews is another evil one-percenter. You want to talk injustice - how is it fair that one guy gets to be so handsome, rich, athletic, smart, and cool while the rest of us can’t see our shoes anymore and have to ask what fork to use? And what is Clay Mathews supposed to do about our man-crush envy - cut off a bicep so we can have one, too? Spread the hair around? Share some of his snaps with the unemployed and uncoordinated?

"Our man-crush envy"? At first I thought that Nerenz was referring to the former Cleveland Browns linebacker. I realized that Nerenz was writing about the elder Matthews' son. I haven't followed the career of the younger Matthews because I hate the Packers. Matthews is a very good player, but he isn't the most marketable player outside of Green Bay.

Seriously, does any straight male want to hear another man describe him as "so handsome, rich, athletic, smart, and cool"? Is this a conservative blog post or a Valentine Day's card. I have never heard anyone say they have a man-crush on Matthews. I'm sure Matthews will be happy to know some creepy old guy thinks he is hot.

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