Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sansom's FBI Problem

Gary Fineout has a good breakdown how why former Florida House Speaker Ray Sansom is being investigated by the FBI.

Records during Sansom’s time in office -- from 2002 to 2010 -- show that he used the leftover campaign funds for printing costs, cellphone bills, office supplies, meals and on a computer from Best Buy.

But those same records also show that he used the account to reimburse himself directly, especially after he resigned from a $110,000 job from Northwest Florida State College in early 2009. It was Sansom’s decision to take that job that increased scrutiny over his decisions while budget chairman to steer state money to the college. Sansom was charged in connection with his handling of the budget, but prosecutors dropped the charges midway through Sansom's trial.

In 2009 records show that Sansom reimbursed himself $4,700. The records are conflicting about how much he received in 2010. Sansom was reimbursed another $1401 during the first three months of 2010, but then the records show that Sansom received an additional $1,200 in April and May after he had resigned from office. A follow-up document, however, says that report should be disregarded and that an earlier document showing “no activity” was correct.

If Sansom didn't get into legal trouble he would mostly likely be a U.S. Senate candidate. Ray Sansom is the United States Senate is a scary thought.

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