Thursday, June 30, 2011

Benjamin Kirby on Brian Burgess

I am glad Gov. Rick Scott has a Director Of Press Relations as incompetent as Brian Burgess. I find it hysterical anyone would hire Burgess. Benjamin Kirby notes Burgess' huge ego. Burgess hates the media. Except when the media wants to profile him. Kirby notes that Burgess is putting himself ahead of Scott.

Here's one to learn from then, Brian: quit giving interviews about how awesome you are when your boss is tanking.

To be kind of fair to Brian, he was labeled as an "outsider" coming in to help the governor -- a tag which is supposed to mean he's loyal to Scott, but you know, not loyal loyal. If the fit really starts hitting the shan with Scott, he'll head right back over to CRC Public Relations, no sweat.

The sub-headline asks whether the combative style of Burgess is serving Scott's interests well. Really? You're the communications guy. If you view the people who write about you as sub-human -- Scott won't even ride in an elevator with them -- don't you suppose they'll have some nasty things to say about you... and your message?

There are going to be elected Republican officials with no understanding of media communications that will hire Burgess. Politicians like Scott look for a little Sean Hannity in their communications people. The problem is a governor needs to win the approval of the public. Not get better talk radio ratings.

If Scott had a clue he would wonder why his media communications guy is doing (a largely negative) profile with the Florida's biggest newspaper. George Stephanopoulos insisted on making himself the story. President Bill Clinton was smart enough to shrink Stephanopoulos' role down to the point that he left. Kirby suggests Burgess will leave when Scott totally tanks. Burgess will have increased his profile. Scott will wonder what his messaging problem is.

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