Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mark Halperin's 'Dick' Remark

Mark Halperin smiles when he calls President Barack Obama a dick on-the-air. We learn that the so-called neutral pundit Halperin really is a conservative. This comes as a surprise to no one with more than two brain cells. Apparently, Halperin didn't want to lose his bogus voice of centrist reason in the Beltway. Halperin quickly apologized.

“Joking aside, this is not a pro-forma apology, this is an absolute apology, heartfelt to the president…. I shouldn’t have said it. I apologize to the president and to the viewers who heard me say that.”

Notice how Halperin looks like he just swallowed a lump of shit. I find the apology more offensive than the "dick" comment. Halperin didn't just blurt out that he thought the President was a dick. Halperin told Scarborough to use the seven second delay. Halperin's words more premeditated. What is offensive is Halperin is too spineless to stand by his own views. That is true cowardliness.

Obama has all the cable news channels on behind his desk. Obama actually takes people like Halperin seriously. Most Americans don't watch cable news, know or care who Halperin is. Americans do care about the price of gas and unemployment. Working people are in for a long, hard road if Obama's top priority is pleasing people that think the President is a dick.

Update: MSNBC has suspended Halperin.

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