Friday, May 20, 2011

Rick Scott's Letter to Rick Perry

Rick Scott's letter to Texas Gov. Rick Perry is nothing more than a clumsy press release. What Scott's letter (released to the media) is really about is clumsy PR. Example.

Florida is eliminating job killing regulation, reducing the size and cost of government, and making sure we have the best educated workforce. We have no personal income tax and are phasing out the business tax, starting with eliminating it entirely for half the business that paid it.

Who the hell writes a letter to someone in talking points? It's hysterical. It is obvious that Scott did not write this letter. Politicians usually have staffers do that but rarely this badly. Scott's staffers can't decide if their audience for this letter is the the media or the business community. Here the letter goes into sales mode.

In fact, millions of people from around the world visit Florida and dream of enjoying our great weather, beaches, fishing, and culture year round. And with all we are doing to make Florida number one in job creation, I am certain Texas' days at the top are numbered.

Allowing homeowner insurance and telecom rates to go up is not the way to make Florida number one in job creation. The truth is people are leaving Florida because of the state's economy, schools and stagnant wages. Scott's policies will only make matters worse. Scott wasn't a business genius. Scott is the health care version of Enron's Andrew Fastow.

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