Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bad Movie Classic: Red Dawn

Red Dawn is a classic bad movie. Directer John Milius' intended to make a conservative action movie. The intended result of Milius' efforts was a bascic cable comedy classic. Many people have watched Red Dawn and laughed at the over-the-top scenes. Powers Boothe alone makes Red Dawn worth watching. Boothe delivers every line with mock dead pan seriousness. One gets the feeling a great actor like Boothe knows he is in a shitty movie. Boothe's lines are hysterical.

The video has a scene of (literally) the worst version of America the Beautiful ever recorded. Milius' intended the audience to be moved by the prisoners show of patriotism. I couldn't help but laugh when the Russians executed them.

The next part of the clip is Patrick Swayze doing some seriously hammy acting. "Don't cry!" Swayze's character screams at the top of his lungs. All this does is make the other characters cry even more. It is not clear whether they are crying from seeing loved ones murdered or having to endure the horrendous rendition of America the Beautiful.

Update: I found Powers Boothe big campfire speech on human cannibalism. It's after the ambush in the video.

Convoy Ambush With Andy by movieclips

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At April 24, 2011 12:44 PM , Blogger Florida Politics said...

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At April 24, 2011 12:46 PM , Blogger Florida Politics said...

I recall the scene where the Soviets, or Russians/Cubans (or whatever) are told to look for the XYZ gub'ment registration forms at the gun shop, which is supposed to tip the invaders off as to which locals have guns so they can confiscate them - this, too, was supposed to be some kind of political statement.

Anyway, the movie is one of my camp faves (can't beat the scene where the paratroopers are landing on the football field while the kids are in class); I'm lookin' forward to the soon to be released remake.

Perhaps the remake will have the invaders looking for folks who recently purchased tricorn hats at the costume store - now them are some tuff folks who would stand up and fight.


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