Saturday, April 23, 2011

Donald Trump: Investigative Reporter

This the second time Donald Trump has dodged the question on what his investigation into President Barack Obama's birth certificate has found. The first time was during a CNN interview. Trump ducks the question again when asked by Daily Beast blogger Meghan McCain.

Donald: I’ll give you an example though of what you were saying before when you were talking about fighting Obama. This guy has more protection than any human being. When I mention why doesn’t he show his birth certificate, the press kills me! It’s unbelievable! But I keep mentioning it.

Meghan: Why do you think this birther thing still has such legs?

Donald: Because I think there’s something to it. For weeks, I said to people, “No, he was probably born here, but I’ll check into it.” You know a certificate of live birth is not a birth certificate and all that. I’m more and more convinced he may not have been born here.

Meghan: You sent people over to Hawaii to investigate, correct?

Donald: Yes.

Meghan: Did you find anything?

Donald: Well, I better not comment on that yet.

The interview gets more hysterical when McCain asks if she can work on Trump's campaign.

I want the media to keep asking Trump what his investigation has unveiled. Rationale people know Trump's birther investigation is bogus. No comment is not going to cut it forever. Trump has placed himself in a position where he has to either produce a smoking gun or be revealed as a publicity-seeking fraud.

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