Monday, February 28, 2011

Pushing Rope Makes Top 75 FLA Political Twitter Users List

Florida's Top 75+ Political Tweeters

I made the top 75 Florida political tweeters list. Peter Schorsch made the list and used for crunch the numbers. The list isn't 100 percent scientific.

I have been aware lot of political and media people follow my tweets. One of my tweets was mentioned in a Miami Herald and St. Petersburg Times article written by Adam Smith. That isn't to say that journalists hang on my every tweet. Far from it. However, there is a level of six degrees of separation between bloggers, journalists, activists and politicians. Schorsch and Joy-Ann Reid of The Reid Report can attest to this. Twitter's social networking makes the surprising relations between liberals, conservatives, bloggers, media and circus freaks more obvious.

Side note: I follow almost every person on Schorsch's top 75 list.

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