Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Have No Faith in Faith-Based Initiatives

President Barack Obama courageously panders to Christian conservatives who will never vote for him.

Speaking with Barbara Walters, Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama also described how they involve their daughters in daily prayer.

"Michelle and I have not only benefited from our prayer life, but I think the girls have too," the president told Walters. "We say grace before we eat dinner every night. We take turns."

"[I]n the end, we always say we hope we live long and strong," the first lady said.

"Long and strong. And that we give back."

The Bush administration used the Faith-based Initiative to promote their false Christian values. Evangelical David Kuo worked in setting up the Bush administration's faith-based program. Kuo remembers Karl Rove giving the very unchristian commandment, "Just get me a fucking faith based thing. Got it?

It is actually hard to find out what Obama's Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships has actually accomplished. The faith-based agenda died because of the Bush administration's own neglect.

Obama signed an executive order the guidelines the Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships. It is hard to find what positive results have come from Obama's faith-based efforts.

During the 2008 election, Obama said that religious institutions must end discriminatory hiring practices, in order to get federal money. Obama backed off that vow after getting elected. What seems to be clear is Obama, like Bush, wants to please religious voters. The bigger story is there is an no tangible benefit from using federal money for faith-based policies. There are no great faith-based success stories the government can point to. The media should report that the Bush and Obama faith-based initiative are the federal government's version of the emperor with no clothes.

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