Sunday, November 21, 2010

Allen West's Health Care Double Standard

Jane Hamsher makes an interesting point on Republican Allen West. The latter has been highly critical of the Affordable Care Act signed by President Barack Obama. West wrote a post on Atlas Shrugs pledging to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

My pledge to the people of the 22nd District is simple-once elected I will do everything in my power to repeal the repugnant portions of this monstrous piece of legislation."

West fails to mention in his post is he receives government health care through the Veterans Administration. West also did not make a vow to refuse government health care all members of Congress receives. I have no problem with veterans or members of Congress receiving government health care. I do have a problem with West's hypocrisy.

Side note: West's guest post is nearly unreadable. An example of the prose of Allen West.

The theme of endurance led me to recall one of my favorite maxims, “the race is not given to the swiftest, but to he that endures to the end”. Therefore I remembered the Man for whom the Olympic distance race was named, the Greek Soldier Phidippides. If I may set the stage, in 490 BC the great Persian Empire sought to expand their territory and move into Europe, under King Darius I. They landed a huge army in Greece, city-states who created the first ideals of democracy, just outside of Athens on the open plains of Marathon.

How much you want to bet West saw Clash of the Titans?

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