Saturday, November 20, 2010

Connie Mack's Horrible Mailer

Alex Leary of the St. Petersburg Times theorizes that Republican Connie Mack IV is laying the groundwork for a run against Sen. Bill Nelson. My first thought is I am going to be live blogging mind-numbingly boring debates between Nelson and Mack.

Leary notes Mack's fundraising letter does not mention the Republican as a House of Representatives candidate for 2012. It could be we just had the midterm election. Mack does take a shot at Bill Nelson.

We must end the overspending, overtaxing, over-regulating, and over-borrowing that are holding us back; that's the ultra-liberal and counter-productive philosophy Senator Bill Nelson has zealously followed his entire career.

I wish the writer of this mailer would end the use of run-on sentences.

Bill Nelson is an "ultra-liberal"? Really? That's hysterical. I wish Nelson was liberal.

All these Republican mailers always sound the same. Mack's mailer mention "overspending" but fails to mention Mack voted for George W. Bush backed-bills 87 percent of the time in 2006 and 88 percent in 2007. Bush signed record-breaking budgets. Mack has a hard time being taken seriously as a fiscal conservative while voting for Bush's spending proposals.

Exactly how are the Democrats overtaxing? Obama's "Make Work Pay" tax cut was the largest tax cut for the middle class in history. The "Make Work Pay" tax cut was part of the stimulus bill. Mack voted against the stimulus and the tax cut. Why Obama and the White House political team didn't attack Republicans for voting against the "Make Work Pay" tax cuts is a subject for another post.

My favorite paragraph from the Mack mailer.

Let's tell the professional politicians like Florida's Senior Senator, incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson, that we've seen their liberal speeches, and seen their liberal results and we aren't fooled - and we won't forget.

Exactly how does one "see" a speech. Is the writer of this mailer able to see sound? I wonder why someone with such a cool super-power is working as a Mack staffer.

If Nelson is a "professional politician" than does that make Mack the Shaggs of the Republican Party. Mack has been in Congress for six years. Did Mack fail to get the memo that he is a professional politician?



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