Monday, October 25, 2010

Rivera Robo Calls

The David Rivera campaign says it is not sending out early morning and late night robo calls. The problem with this message is that the robocalls use David Rivera's voice and say, "Paid for by David Rivera for Congress." Oops.

The campaign says it has heard about calls made to voters -- especially older voters -- using a recording of Rivera's voice, but are made at "inappropriate hours, including late at night and very early in the morning," said Leslie Veiga, Rivera’s communications director. "These calls are inconsiderate and are not originating from our campaign."

Here is the robo call message.

"Hello, I'm David Rivera, your candidate for Congress. I'm calling to ask you for your vote. I'll fight against Washington's wasteful spending and tax increases. For more information about my candidacy visit or call 305-500-7844. Thank you. Paid for by David Rivera for Congress."

I blame the calls on a robo cyborg from the future trying to stop David Rivera from getting elected before he builds Skynet.

All kidding aside, the phone number is to Rivera's campaign address. I wished the Miami Herald reported where the robo calls came from. Considering all the controversies Rivera is in the robo calls are the least of their problems. However, it does seem that Rivera's campaign is becoming disorganized.



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