Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wingnut of the Day: Joe Arpaio

The New York Times has called Joe Arpaio "America's worst Sheiff." Arpaio certainly qualifies as the strangest after he tweeted that he gave Sarah Palin pink undies. The Justice Department is suing Arpaio for violating civil rights of Hispanics. Arpaio has publicly stated he will not cooperate with the Justice Department investigation. U.S. District Judge Neil Wake ruled that Arpaio's Maricopa County, Arizona jail failed to meet the medical and mental health of the inmates. Arpaio was serving spoiled food to the inmates. Judge Wake ruled the conditions of the jail were unconstitutional.

Arpaio just gets weird by giving Sarah Palin pink undies. Arpaio announced this on Twitter. These is the same underwear Arpaio makes his male inmates wear in order to humiliate them.

Proper etiquette would dictate not given Palin underwear. Arpaio doesn't seem to respect women, the constitution or humane treatment of others. What amazes me is Palin accepted this gift from this clown. If Palin was a real feminist she would have told Arpaio she could not accept his bizarre gift.

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