Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tea Party Candidate Sends Out X Rated Video


Tea Party candidate darling Carl Palladino forwarded an email to friends of a woman having sex with an animal. VPalladino told Anderson Cooper that the email was forward because things happen "in the heat of the day" in the construction business. I have worked in construction and I never remember videos of horse fucking being part of the job. Palladino said he didn't "remember" the woman and horse shagging video. To conservatives that will defend Palladino I ask this: why would Palladino send out an email that contained x-rated bestiality without checking the content first? I would certainly remember a video with this kind of imagery.

Palladino also sent out racist emails that posting these images of President Obama.

A person on Palladino's email list was not happy to be receiving racist content. This person emailed Palladino to voice his displeasure.



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