Friday, September 24, 2010

Alex Villalobos Endorses Dan Gelber

State Sen. Alex Villalobos has endorsed Dan Gelber for Florida Attorney General. I have heard that Gelber cultivated good relationships with his Republican colleagues. Gelber was able to turn that nice guy charm into an endorsement.

"I am proud to endorse my good friend and colleague, Dan Gelber in his campaign for Attorney General," said Sen. Villalobos. "As a former top federal prosecutor, Dan understands the importance of serving as an Attorney General that puts protecting Floridians above partisan politics, and that's why I've endorsed him for Attorney General. Public safety and security is not a partisan issue, and I have great confidence in Dan to always put the best interests of Florida's citizens above all else."

Villalobos has also endorsed Charlie Crist for the U.S. Senate.

Marco Rubio is no fiscal conservative. He will never do anything to stop the out of control spending in Washington or take on the special interests because he works for them and not the taxpayers,” said Senator Villalobos. “I know Charlie Crist’s independence will allow him to take the best ideas from both parties to create jobs, lower our taxes, and reduce our nation’s deficit. He is the only candidate for U.S. Senate I can say that about, and I’m proud to formally endorse his candidacy.”

Ouch. In Rubio's defense, his use of the Republican Party of Florida's American Express card has been providing great stimulus to the Florida economy. Just ask the wine store near Rubio's home.

Villalobos was at one time a rising star in the Florida Republican Party. He was set to become Florida Senate President. Villalobos voted in support of what would become the class size amendment. Bush publicly endorsed Villalobos' Republican primary opponent. Villalobos was re-elected, but his fellow Senate Republicans would not risk angering Bush by making him Senate President. Short answer: Villalobos doesn't owe the Republican Party of Florida shit.

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