Friday, July 30, 2010

Quote of the Day

"I'd have a long discussion with (Shirley Sherrod), and I'd tell her that I'm not one of these people in this country that thinks racism doesn't exist. And that I'm not one of these people who says she hasn't suffered from racism. And that the scars of racism aren't warranted But I'd also tell her that my passion in life and my political trajectory from left to right was born from watching Clarence Thomas hearings. I didn't understand how the NAACP sat on its hands while privileged white gentlemen hammered him mercilessly and humiliated him and the media and the NAACP allowed it to happen."

Andrew Breitbart

Perhaps the NAACP stayed out of the fray during the Thomas hearing was because a black woman named Anita Hill accused him of sexual harassment. The Thomas and Hill controversy was confusing because no one could say with 100 percent certainty who was telling the truth. John Cole points out that Thomas was appointed to the Supreme Court for his troubles. Sherrod's father was shot to death by a white man. Wanna take a guess which black man got the better deal?

Side note: Can Breitbart cite an incident of racism when a conservative is not the victim?

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