Thursday, July 29, 2010

Charlie Justice Campaign Needs Volunteers

Charlie Justice is running for Floor congressional district 10. The seat is currently held by longtime Republican incumbant C.W. "Bill" Young. This is the first time in ages that Young has faced a serious Democratic challenger. The Justice campaign is getting their campaign organized by asking for volunteers. Below is information on how you can help. You can contact campaign intern Kristen Eberts at (727) 896-2010 during office hours.

Just reply to this email or call (727) 896-2010 if you want to volunteer. I'll contact you directly to help you get started!

Here are the ways you can help:

* Phone banking. Contact voters to find out who they're supporting and to raise their awareness of Charlie Justice.
o When: Can be done 9 am-9 pm, 7 days a week.
o Where: At home or at campaign HQ.
o What you need: A cell phone or landline.

* Data entry. Keep the campaign organized by entering information into our database.
o Whenever, wherever. You can even watch TV at home while you enter information!
o What you need: Nothing if you work at HQ; otherwise a computer.

* Driving. Pick up checks from donors, deliver flyers and campaign materials to events, run errands.
o When: Only needed on certain days.
o Where: Come to campaign HQ and we will send you around town.
o What you need: A car and driver's license.

* Donor research. Money makes the political world go round--so we need to find people who are willing to donate.
o Whenever, wherever.
o What you need: Nothing if you work at HQ, otherwise a computer.

* Represent Charlie at local events. Be the face of Justice for Congress! Go to events to hand out literature and answer questions about Charlie.
o When and where: We will contact you about events in your area. You choose which ones to go to.
o What you need: A smile, and transportation to/from events.

* Host and/or help plan a small fundraiser. We will be eternally grateful.
o When and where: It's up to you! At your house, a local restaurant, in a park...
o What you need: Organization.

* Special skills: Do you have any particular skills that could help the campaign?

* Opportunities Coming Later in the Campaign:
o Door to door voter contact
o Planting yard signs
o Other field work and office jobs

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