Friday, July 23, 2010

Andrew Breitbart's Hysterical Conspiracy Theory

Digraced conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart when on CNN brought an imposter to play Eloise Spooner; the wife of the farmer Shirley Sherrod helped.

BREITBART: If it is the case and it can be shown to me that the incident she is talking about was done many years ago... in her current context. As a reporter, you tell me how you confirmed that the incident she is talking about was 24 years ago. You tell me as a reporter how CNN put on a person today who purported to be the farmer's wife. What did you do to find out whether or not that was the actual farmer's wife.

If there is anyone that knows investigative reporting it is Andrew Breitbart.

Getting a lecture on journalism from Andrew Breitbart is the equivalent of Tiger Woods giving a sanctimonious on the virtues on abstinence. It is not an accident one of the labels for this post is humor.

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