Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Strangest Anti-Health Care Reform Ad Ever

Rev. Jess Jackson said, "You can’t vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man." A strange anti-health care ad has people looking into the camera saying, "I guess I am racist." The filmmaker responsible for the ad is Ray Griggs. The target of Griggs ad is white people that feel oppressed by black leaders, such as Jesse Jackson. The Democratic Party no longer pays attention to Jackson. The people that would respond to Griggs ad are not going to be seen in civil right marches singing We Shall Overcome.

The problem with the ad is anti-health care reform Americans are looking into the camera declaring themselves racists. I understand the statement is meant as sarcasm. (Barely.) Many others will not. Republicans publicly lament why black people do not join the GOP. Look no further than this ad. This ad will appeal to the most conservative Republican voters. The ad isn't going to make young Americans want to change their voter registration.

Side note: I understand the ad is not sponsored by the RNC. People can be against the health care reform bills in the House and Senate and not be racist. There can be an intelligent dialogue about the pros and con of health care reform. Unfortunately, conservatives have resorted to fearmongering. Tea Party protesters holding signs of President Obama cutting Uncle Sam's throat is racist and unacceptable.

Photo by Edward Favara

The conservative movement does not care if it is viewed as racists. Conservatives will argue the mainstram media is too PC. These true believers are attempting to purge moderate Republicans. The tea party movement cost the Republican Party a New York Congressional seat. Republicans astroturfed a movement they now can not control. The stupidity of it really should not amaze me.

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