Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hate Vandalism Directed at Obama

The Secret Service is investigating who wrote "I," the swastika and Obama onto the grass of a golf course in Lakeville, Mass. Course owner wants whoever is responsible found.

"It's just so insulting to the human race and it just shouldn't be part of our doings by anybody. I just can't understand it. It's unforgivable," course owner Gary Mosca told WBZ.

The web site the Right Perspective serves up serious bullshit by implying the culprit may have actually placed as the Hindu and Buhdist symbol for good luck. I say good luck having people believe that utter nonsense. It amazes me the Right feels the need to defend this kind of hatemongering. Ann Coulter even gave the hysterical suggestion that the Left was bringing Obama/Nazi signs to tea parties.

Hat tip to Gottalaff.

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