Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another Jeb Era Blunder

The Jeb Bush legacy of screwed up policies continues. The Bush administration illegal approved selling personal information from driver licences. The U.S. Justice Department sued in January and won a settlement of $2.5 million. The Justice Department and Florida reached a settlement of $1.5 million.

The Justice Department suit alleged that the DHSMV disclosed the records to companies between May 13, 2003 and at least Oct. 1, 2004. The federal government can impose daily fines of as much as $5,000 a day for such violations.

Four South Florida drivers in early 2009 filed a class-action suit against the state for releasing their information. The settlement terms gave all Florida drivers a $1 credit in their registration or renewal as long as they had a license, car registration or state-issued ID between June 1, 2000 and September 30, 2004.

The question is why did Bush and the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles sell this information?

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