Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Open Thread: the Perez Hilton Video.

Dick Cheney should be forced to watch the Perez Hilton video if he thinks torture works. Can any human be more annoying. I could not more than a few seconds of the video. I have never read Hilton's blog and don't intend to. Apparently, he is a big deal since his cry fest video is all over the internet.

Seriously, I would claw the walls if I was in a jail cell and had to listen to that whiny ass voice 24/7. Not all gay people go into hysterics. I don't know if Hilton's video is sincere or he is trying to do a lamer version of Chris Crocker.

A gossip blogger whom prints bullshit about people got a black eye from the Black Eyed Peas. The irony is too much. Miss Bullwinkle wants a reason to blog. She can.

Lurkers, I know there are people that read this site. Don't be shy. Explain to me why Hilton is a celebrity. I seriously don't get it. Consider this an open thread.

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