Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ray Sansom Troubles Continues

Ray Sansom preaches he is a man of values. Perhaps Sansom can explain what in his values made him feel it was appropriate to charge $597 for a private dinner with Bob Richburg to a RPoF American Express card. This dinner was part of a meeting between Sansom and Richburg that violated Sunshine laws. The dinner took place at the University Center Club. The establishment bills itself as "Tallahassee's premier private club experience." At $30.00 a steak and and 29.00 for grouper it maybe Tallahassee's most expensive private club experience.

Sansom faces up to five years in prison official misconduct charges. Richburg has been indicted on perjury. The charges stem from a aircraft hanger project Sansom, Richburg and Jay Odom personally benefitted from.

Below is what Sansom and Richburg ordered. All together they ordered 222 items. Click the image to enlarge.

In related news: State Attorney Wilie Meggs is seeking a search warrant for Ray Samson's laptop. If granted the warrant, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement will examine the computer.

Meggs is not happy with how slowly the process has been going. He wanted Sansom's computer torn apart yesterday.

“Since the legislature is building airport hangers instead of funding FDLE, they’re a little behind,” Meggs said.


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