Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dick Cheney: 2010 GOP Campaign Secret Weapon

I read the silly things the Republican leadership say and wonder if they get their talking points from The Onion. How else can you explain National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn supporting Dick Cheney campaigning for GOP Senate candidates. Cornyn's job (besides getting into arguments with John McCain) is to get Republicans elected to the Senate. He has been doing that task poorly. Unless Cornyn is a secret mole trying to make the Democrats filibuster proof.

Asked if Cheney would be a good surrogate for Senate Republican candidates, Cornyn said: "It think it depends on the circumstance on the race."

But Cornyn said, "I’d be proud to appear with the vice president anywhere, anytime."

That is easy to say for a Texas Republican. Charlie Crist dodged a 2006 George W. Bush campaign rally. Katherine Harris was the only Republican running a state-wide race that appeared at the rally. The purpose of the Bush rally was to help Florida Republicans get elected. Unfortunately for Bush, Republicans didn't want his help. Harris went down in flames against Bill Nelson.

Cheney is notorious for hating to campaign. Republican pollsters and voters know Cheney is highly unpopular. I don't expect Cornyn to diss Cheney. The problem is Cornyn talks to people as if they are stupid and destroys his own credibility. Cheney was not invited to the Republican National Convention because he is a liability. (The official reason was Hurricane Gustav.)

I doubt Cornyn is serious but I would love nothing more than Cheney campaigning across the country for Republican candidates. I can imagine Cheney doing photo-ops with politicians whom see their careers flashing before their eyes. Cheney would give speeches utterly devoid of charisma. Droning on and on about how torture and the Iraq war kept of safer. Nevermind torture produced crap intelligence and Saddam Hussein was not a threat to U.S. national security. The NRSC wants to campaign like it's 2004.

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