Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sinfonian Punks Tea Baggers

Florida blogger Sinfornian punked a tea party protest at Pensacola, Florida. Sinfonian correctly informed the crowd that there was a budget surplus during the Clinton administration. Sinfonian asks the small crowd how many make under $250,000. The vast majority of the crowd cheers. He informs the crowd they would get a tax cut under President Barack Obama's plan. The crowd becomes confused. The crowd turns on Sinfonian when he informed them the bad economic policies happened on Bush's and the Republican-controlled Congress' watch. The crowd can't handle hearing a fact-based message.

Fox News can say the tea parties were nonpartisan. The racist signs say otherwise.

Photo by Bernard J. Schober

Sinfonian was interiewed on the Richard Hunter Show. The interview starts at the 26 minute mark.

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