Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Michele Bachmann's Latest Nonsense

Conservative talk show host Chris Baker interviewed Republican Michele Bachmann. The Congresswoman declared the stimulus package is unconstitutional. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act passed both houses of Congress and signed by the President. To say a spending bill is unconstitutional is legally bogus.

Bachmann declared the stimulus package contains funding for ACORN.

Bachmann: I mean, if you think, ACORN - this is a group that's under Federal indictment...
Baker: Unbelievable

Bachmann: ...for voter fraud. ACORN - they've received a total of $53 million in direct Federal Grants since 1994. Do you know how much they're getting under this (the stimulus) bill?

Baker: Like $4 billion, I've heard.

Bachmann: $5 Billion.

Baker? $5 billion?

Bachmann: For ACORN.

A search of reveals zero results for ACORN. Washington Monthly blogger Steve Benen found nothing in the stimulus package for ACORN. Search the final Senate bill. There is no funding for ACORN.

The conservative blog The Average American helped start the ACORN myth.

Education for the Disadvantaged $13,000,000,000 hmmm, Chicago and places like it? Can you say ACORN?

Free Republic accused Democrats of funding ACORN. Free Republic failed to quote the text in the bill. David "Sex Scandal" Vitter told Fox News the stimulus bill would provide money to non-profits. Therefore ACORN must be getting funding. Republicans need to have better attack dogs than Freepers, Bachmann and Vitter.

The ACORN attacks didn't work against Obama during the campaign. Republicans are desperate, if they believe a failed attack will work. I don't give a shit about ACORN and I follow politics. Republicans are kidding themselves if they think Americans will get worked up about ACORN.

My favorite moment of the Bachmann interview.

"We're running out of rich people in this country."

People are angry at Wall Street and Bernard Madoff. Voters that can't pay their mortgages aren't going to be sympathetic with Bachmann's plea to save the rich. It is a politically suicidal message. The Republican establishment can not communicate with working people. John McCain campaigned on the words: "I think, still the fundamentals of our economy are strong." Bachmann is selling the same nonsense. Democrats need to hammer the economic message Bill Clinton delivered in 1992. Republicans can't compete on economics. That is why their opposition to the stimulus bill has been so intense.

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