Sunday, January 25, 2009

Republicans on the Closing of Gitmo

Peter Hoekstra: "... places hope ahead of reality — it sets an objective without a plan to get there."

Tom Price: "Closing the facility without a plan in place to replicate those functions is irresponsible."

Kit Bond: "Well, I think it's irresponsible to say you're gonna close Gitmo without having a plan."

The Repubicans have a plan. They will will the war on terror with talking points. The conservative talking point was President Barack Obama would back out of closing Gitmo. The new talking point is Obama doesn't have a plan.

The RNC foolishly spreaded the meme that Obama wouldn't close Gitmo. Obama repeatedly promised to close Gitmo. It was no shock that Obama signed the executive orders ending the nightname that is Gitmo. The RNC needs new political strategists or to hire Nostradamus. It is amazing GOP operatives misread Obama being anti-torture.

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