Thursday, January 22, 2009

More On Johannes Mehserle

Accused Oscar Grant killer Johannes Mehserle hired high-powered defense attorney Michael Rains. Merserle pleaded not guilty to the murder of Grant.

Oakland resident Ken Carrethers is accusing former BART police officer Johannes Mehserle of using excessive force. Carrethers told East Bay News he complained to another subway passenger about BART police doing nothing about his car being twice broken into.

"Well you see that's why, because they're standing around with their hands in their pockets," Carrethers said to the other passenger.

Carrethers said Mehserle overheard the conversation.

"You're talking about us, aren't you?" Mehserle reportedly said.

Mehserle and Carrethers got into a verbal exchange. Carrethers denies using profanity. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Mehserle and three other officers took Carrethers down to the pavement. Carrethers was sent to the hospital.

There are no eyewitnesses to the arrest. Carrethers has served prison time.

Raw Story has video of an interview with Carrethers

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