Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bill Nelson Will Vote For Geithner

Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite asked senators Bill Nelson and Mel Martinez to oppose Timothy Geither's nomination. Nelson intends to vote for Geither.

“It’s critical right now that we have a new Treasury Secretary in place. There’s a lot at stake with our economy and we can’t afford for that position to remain open,” said Nelson, in a statement from his office.

“Mr. Geithner has admitted an honest mistake on his taxes and the IRS agreed, choosing not to penalize him. Also, all taxes owed have been paid with interest,” said Nelson.

“I accept the IRS’s decision and President Obama’s judgment on Mr. Geithner’s explanation; and, think it’s important we move ahead with his nomination.”

Martinez has not declared how he will vote. Surprisingly, Martinez said he would support Eric Holder's nomination. The Marc Rich pardon made Holder Barack Obama's most controversial nominee. I don't expect Martinez to be swayed by Brown-Waite. This is a woman that threw her name out as a Senate candidate and generated zero buzz. Having a safe district doesn't make a politician a Beltway power player.

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